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About Me.

For me, writing is a passion. It allows me to create new worlds full of adventure, relationships, and challenges. My characters become real people as I write. It's hard for me to get writer's block because I always want to check in and see what my characters will do next. I can flirt with danger, create embarrassing situations, or feel the heartbreak of a character that doesn't survive. Humor tends to be sprinkled throughout my books. One thing I've learned is you should write about what you know and feel. You have to tap into your truth. To write without genuineness often results in flat characters and unbelievable scenes. If you create a humorous scene but it doesn't have you laughing inside, it will fall flat.

How I came to writing was through my need to be creative. My first grade teacher did her doctoral dissertation on creative kids and I was the poster boy. At first, I focused on art and as an adult I became a successful oil painter (while working as a statistician). One day I decided to put my fantasies in words. Now, writing consumes me. 



University of New Mexico

Major in Physical Anthropology with a minor in Biology and heavy emphasis on math


University of New Mexico

Mathematics and Statistics

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“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves”

Henry David Thoreau

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